Essential guide to marketing


Read on for our essential guide to marketing. A plan which will result in more ticket sales!

Key marketing tips

Focus on the “How you heard about us” responses

This question appears by default when the customer books via TICKETsrv, and is fully customisable with answers of your choice. View the customer responses via your portal – the top answers are the ones to focus more energy on. If the top response is ‘Facebook’ look at focussing your efforts on this platform through increased content, and upping the budget on any advertising. If you need help with this, talk to us.

Utilise your email database

Sending an email to previous ticket buyers is a proven way to generate a flurry of bookings to your event. These customers are already engaged, so a quick reminder from you is usually all it will take to inspire another purchase. Find a hook/excuse to contact them with a regular e-shot. Don’t forget to use your two free mailshots – ask us for more details.

Price increases

Tiered price increases, such as ‘early-bird’ and ‘advance’ prices, drive sales. Create hype by announcing the previous tier to be ‘sold out’ – scarcity drives sales! ‘Loading the gate price‘ means the customer pays a premium for leaving it until the last minute to book. The earlier they commit, the more money they save on the gate price.

Social media

Social media is now an essential element of any marketing campaign – see our ‘Beginner’s guide to social media’ by clicking HERE.

Try out a new marketing platform

Maybe you have Facebook posts down to an art, but haven’t tapped into Instagram yet? It’s worth striking out into new areas and seeing if you can reach those new markets there. A little bit of research into the best content for the audience can help you to design the most engaging posts.

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing

Incentivise your best ambassadors to do your marketing for you. Offering a discount code or entering them into a prize draw for referrals can result in wider word-of-mouth marketing.

Appeal to a new audience

Do you want a younger audience, a more affluent one, or maybe one further afield? Do your research to target tailored advertising to them. Facebook and social media can be very effective here and effective results can be achieved with a surprisingly small budget. Using our built-in custom tracking links, you can monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns, to discover how many ticket orders were placed. Ask us for more details.

Listings sites

How do you usually research something to do in your area? You probably Google it! So make sure that when you type in ‘Local events’, your event is listed on those websites.

Don’t neglect the traditional forms of marketing

Don’t underestimate the tried-and-tested methods of promotion like direct marketing, posters, billboards/road-side advertising and PR coverage.

For more help and advice on marketing your event, contact us today.