Up-Selling Feature

Why not use TICKETsrv‘s new up-selling feature to help sell additional items to customers who are buying a ticket? The feature works by suggesting any other tickets or items that the customer may be interested in buying, based on what is already in their basket. Recent shows who used this feature saw 50% increases in event guide pre-sales!

How it works:

After adding their desired tickets to the basket, the customer will be presented with the option to buy a selection of recommended tickets or items. The items which are recommended to the customer are chosen by you (the event organiser).

An example:

If buying a Friday General Admission ticket, the system suggests to the customer that they might want to buy an Event Guide, Parking and Members Upgrade. If the suggested tickets are already in the customer’s basket then those items will not be presented on the list.


Depending on how you have the suggested item configured, it may subsequently suggest further items if selected.

For more details or to have this feature switched on for your ticket page, simply contact us and tell us what you’d like recommended for each item: sales@ticketsrv.co.uk