Refer A Friend

Why not use TICKETsrv‘s refer-a-friend feature to help engage ticket buyers and convert their friends into visitors too? It’s a fantastic way to generate some marketing around the event and is a great campaign to publicise on social media.

Customers are entered into a competition to win a prize when their friend also buys a ticket. The idea is to encourage customers to recommend the event to their friends and generate conversations and buzz!

What prize should you offer?

The prize(s) could be provided by a sponsor of the event or someone providing a product/service to the event’s visitors (e.g. a trade stand) – it would be great promotion for them too as their brand or service will be mentioned in every order confirmation email (plus wherever else you promote this campaign!). Alternatively, the prize(s) could be an upgrade at the event such as membership or VIP access.

Promote the refer-a-friend competition

The refer-a-friend incentive will be promoted in the email order confirmation, but you can encourage ticket-buyers to buy tickets and then share the event with their network of family and friends in the following ways:

– Let people know on social media
– Include the campaign in your newsletters
– Mention it in your local press releases
– Send a follow-up email to ticket-buyers to remind them a month later

For more details or to have this feature switched on for your ticket page or discuss it further, simply contact us: