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Who are we?

We specialise in outdoor event ticketing. We service events large and small across the country, from Agricultural Shows such as the Royal Welsh with 250,000 attendees, through Blenheim, Bramham and Gatcombe Horse Trials, concerts such as BattleProms at stately homes, to smaller events such as air shows and festivals.

What is e-ticketing?

TICKETsrv is a comprehensive e-ticketing solution with electronic delivery of tickets (by email or download) to the customer. The tickets are then printed by them at home and are validated by your entrance staff on arrival using portable scanners, provided by us. Once validated, the tickets cannot be used again, protecting against copying/reuse. There are no up-front capital costs and, importantly, we do not control your event's money or customer data, both of which come direct to you. Crucially, our system means you can sell right up to and even during your event, with any relevant price adjustment. 

Tickets and the selling platform are aimed specifically at the target market. Ticket designs are produced by you/a design contact (within the guidelines required to run through our system) and can be varied for each type of ticket/pass. You can outline a traffic plan, detail an event timetable or sell the space for sponsorship or advertising. The operational and only compulsory part of the ticket design is space for the QR code at the top which is scanned on-site and has a one-time-only use, preventing re-use and duplication.

How will it work on the gate?

We do not need electricity and/or a laptop at gates and have successfully serviced many of the major rural outdoor venues including Harewood, Ragley, Chatsworth and Burghley. We are rooted in the outdoor event world and understand very clearly the issues around operating, sometimes quite literally, in the middle of a field. All our events have seen a considerable increase in advance sales and entrance staff find our speedy hand-held validation system greatly reduces both queues and fraud. The system is regularly used by the major gate/parking companies and all are happy to endorse us.

Can I sell other items as well as tickets?

As well as standard entrance tickets, the system can also be used to deliver camping/caravanning or exhibitors passes; VIP/members tickets; complimentary tickets (eg for judges or competitors); car passes; hook-up vouchers; programme vouchers etc. It allows customers to choose their grandstand seats or camping plots where applicable. We can also support the sale of “physical” items such as merchandise or badges as the system can produce confirmation of sale and packing slips.

What kind of support do you offer?

We take care of everything to ensure the solution runs smoothly. We also offer a helping hand at all points during the set up process. Our back office function provides you with useful statistics in various different forms about real time sales figures/payments (by transaction/customer and ticket type) as well as entry patterns during your event; which discounts were most popular etc. The stats go right through to transaction (including spend) using the latest Google analytics. You can also export information for bank reconciliation or any other comparative purpose into Excel.

How quickly can I start selling?

Once we have all your event information and your e-ticket design, it takes us only a few days to get everything set up for you.

My event is in a rural location - will the scanners work?

Many of our clients are located in parts of the country with little or no network connection and this can be overcome in a number of ways. As part of our standard service, we offer a free on-site survey where we will visit in person and evaluate all aspects of redemption giving you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly during the event. We like to be fully prepared for all eventualities so we plan to schedule this as early as possible in the season.

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